1. The sections with the following headings in small caps are “info boxes” that should have darker backgrounds to visually separate them from the main text.

p. 34 The Judean theater of Alexandria

pp. 88–89 John the Baptist compared to Jesus

pp. 143–44 The development of Jesus of Nazareth

2. p. 118 CHANGE “not entirely correct” but “in many ways tentative”

p. 119 CHANGE in chart, theatrical element of Blind Bartimaeus scene to “unprecedented address to Jesus as ‘Son of David’”

3. p. 123. Re Levi: CHANGE: “the editor made his calling prior to the calling of the Three” to “the editor made his calling prior to the naming of the Three at the mountain”

4. p. 134 CHANGE: “dink” to “drink”

version March 7, 2021