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Methods of payment

I accept PayPal or a credit card through PayPal. Send the money to “Danila Oder” at my email, which is my firstname.lastname@att.net. If you wish to send a check or money order, contact me through the contact form.

Signed copies

There is no extra charge for a signed book. The option is available on the “buy” buttons below. Choose “no” or “yes” before you hit the button.

Shipping costs

In USA, I ship media mail. The book should arrive within a week (December may take longer). Internationally, I ship by the US Postal Service + local carrier.

If you order more than two books to one address using the cart on this page, I will refund any excess shipping paid.

Contact me through the contact form if you want Priority shipping, a different shipping service, or more than two books.

Here are some international shipping costs for one book (current May 15, 2019).

  • Australia: $23.50
  • Belgium: $24.00
  • Canada: $17.25
  • France: $24.00
  • Germany: $24.00
  • Israel: $24.00
  • Netherlands: $24.00
  • New Zealand: $24.50
  • South Africa: $23.25
  • United Kingdom: $24.00

The “other international” buttons below are programmed for Europe ($24.00 for one/two books). If your shipping rate is lower, I will refund any excess money collected, via PayPal.

Sales tax

I collect sales tax from all US buyers at the Los Angeles tax rate of 9.5%. Currently, I charge sales tax on only part of $22, because I paid sales tax when I purchased the books from the printer.

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USA orders

One book inside USA, $22.00 + $1.72 sales tax + $2.75 shipping = $26.47

Signed :

Two books inside USA, $44.00 + $3.44 sales tax + $3.27 shipping = $50.71

Signed :

Canada orders

One book to Canada, $22.00 + $17.25 shipping = $39.25

Signed :

Two books to Canada, $44.00 + $17.25 shipping = $61.25

Signed :

Other international orders

One book other international, $22.00 + $24.00 shipping = $46.00

Signed :

Two books other international, $44.00 + $24.00 shipping = $68.00

Signed :