The origin of the Gospel of Mark, revealed. Jesus mythicism has led the way. In The Two Gospels of Mark: Performance and Text, Danila Oder proposes that “Mark” was a playwright in Rome in 90–95 CE. He wrote a play starring his congregation’s heavenly Jesus, a semi-divine being who came to earth in order to die, then rise to the heavens. In addition to the performance, Mark wrote a playlike narrative text that showed the reader a performance had occurred. That narrative text–with literary features like overt references to Scripture–is the ancestor of the Gospel of Mark we’ve inherited. Two works, two gospels of Mark. This new theory grounds Mark in a real place and time, with a real motive, and opens new vistas for the study of early Christianity.

The Two Gospels of Mark by Danila Oder book cover
The Two Gospels of Mark by Danila Oder back cover with abstract